Hungry Shark Evolution

Hungry Shark Evolution is the fifth and newest installment from the Hungry Shark series of games which is engineered and marketed by the Future Games of London. The game was released in 2012 and can be played by downloading from Google Play on your Android phone. The many attraction of the game is how many gems and coins can be generated by using hungry shark evolution hack.

About the game:

It is a two-dimensional game, full action packed where you need to control a hungry shark roaming in the sea. It is scaring the panic-stricken humans and other marine animals as you unleash the angry shark upon them. There are diverse aquatic creatures which make the game engaging to watch. You also have the chance to win coins and discover treasures along the route. As you cross different levels, you will unlock more sharks with options to customize and even win more treasures and face weird aquatic animals along the way.

There are various levels in the game. You will be assigned one shark at a time for a set mission. On completion of the mission, you unlock rewards and win coins. Across the playing map, there are different mission shells scattered which should be collected before completion of the mission.

Menu options:

There are different menus on the game apart from the playing mode.

a. The Evolve menu lets you check on the sharks and track their statistics like their biting speed, moving speed etc. Here you can buy new sharks also.

b. The Accessory shop menu informs you about the accessories available for each level. You can buy them with your accumulated coins and customize your sharks.

c. The Top Secret Lab menu is unlocked when you reach a milestone. Here you can view sharks with special power and can purchase sharks of your choice.

Other menus include the settings where you can choose to put off or on the music and select language of your choice.

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